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The Natural Park of Portofino and its marine protected area, the northernmost protected area of the Western Mediterranean, shows some of the most mind-blowing and celebrated landscapes in the world. The Park includes the municipalities of Camogli, Santa Margherita Ligure, Portofino and, considering the contiguous area, also the municipality of Rapallo. Made up by giant conglomerate deposits overlaying limestone banks, the promontory features geomorphologic and microclimatic characteristics that, in a relatively small area, create extremely diverse environments. This strip of coast is unique for its stunning landscape and incredible unspoiled nature. A striking place for its richness and density of animal and plant species, of special geological formations, beyond the presence of history and rich traditions. Protected since 1935, the Park hosts one of the largest floristic concentrations in the Mediterranean, a remarkable variety of birds and invertebrates, as well as an important historical and architectural heritage.


The Cinque Terre National Park, with its 3,868 hectares wide surface, is one of Italy's smallest National Parks and the most populated at the same time, with about 4,000 inhabitants distributed in five hamlets: Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso al Mare. In more than one thousand years man changed the natural environment by sectioning the steep slopes of the hills to obtain stretches of land and cultivate them, the so called "ciàn", supported by kilometers-long dry-stone walls. This is the real characterizing feature of the Cinque Terre, with an unusual and deeply anthropized landscape: this is why this is the Park of Man, a territory that has become a World Heritage.

The purpose of the Cinque Terre Marine Protected Area, which includes two A-Zones of integral natural reserve and 2 B-Zones of general natural reserve in Punta Mesco and Capo Montenero, and is also proud of an extraordinary variety and abundance of animal and plant species, is to protect and enhance the natural, chemical and physical characteristics and the marine as well as coastal biodiversity, also and especially through environmental recovery measures, with the collaboration of the academic and scientific world. For these reasons, study, monitoring and scientific research programs are constantly realized in the fields of natural science and environmental safeguard, with the aim to assure the systematic knowing of the area, but also to foster an environmental sustainable development, paying particular attention to the enhancement of the traditional activities, of the local cultures, of the eco-friendly tourism and to the use of the socially sensitive categories.

In the last years both the National Park and the Marine Protected Area of the Cinque Terre, that have become members of the Cetaceans' Sanctuary since 1999, have launched a series of projects with several Italian and European protected areas.


Portofino 4 Nature brand offers tourism, culinary and cultural experiences connected to the Park of Portofino. The name Portofino4Nature encloses in itself the meaning of the offer – Heritage, Outdoor, Food, Events – placing it inside the naturalistic setting of Portofino.
The will of a group of experts, lovers of nature and of outdoor sports, gave the start to this project with the aim to promote the territory by putting together their strength, skills and abilities.
Portofino4Nature allows to discover the authenticity of the territory: genuine tastes, unspoiled nature, richness in traditions and culture, events.
Agririfugio Molini, Dafne, Donkeys’ Home, La Portofinese, Outdoor Portofino, Portofino Bike and Ziguele launched Portofino 4 Nature with the aim of promoting holiday packages and outdoor activites through one brand: a range of proposals to suit any taste.




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