Outdoor Multi Sport, the Outdoor Saturdays for Kids

Experience the territory doing sports, learning to respect the surrounding nature, educate the body to the outdoors in a fun way as psycho-physical growth: this is the basis of the proposal Outdoor Multi Sports for the upcoming autumn-winter 2016/2017 . Designed by Outdoor Portofino together with  Il Pippi, Il Mulino del Gassetta and the Istituto Colombo.

The project is addressed at kids between 6 and 14 years old who want to practice outdoor sports in contact with nature, learn to stay with others and have fun with a multiple discipline program aimed to educate to sports.

The project is based on two fundamental aspects: it is not true that during winter time you cannot do outdoor sports; kids must learn how to move and interact by developing coordination skills in various sports.

Hence the idea of ​​developing an outdoor activities program that provides several sports "For kids who do not want to do a sport, but want to do sports!". Between land activities we will practice orienteering in the Park of Portofino, activities with donkeys, didactic garden with attention to the flora and fauna of the territory, but also, in case of good weather conditions, marine activities are also provided, such as kayak-polo and kayak excursions, sailing courses and lessons, surfing.

With these bases, Outdoor Portofino developed a program dedicated to kids aged 6 to 14 years that will see them involved in outdoor and indoor activities, to educate to sport as a growth and not a reason of stress.
The game (orienteering, sailing, kayaking, surfing) is used as a tool to learn how to stay in group, have fun and move the body, always in complete safety.

Outdoor Multi Sports will take place every Saturday from September 17th until spring 2017. The aim is also to give the children important experiences and personal growth that often, because of family and work duties, kids are often deprived.

Occasionally, Outdoor Portofino will organize trips and excursions dedicated to families in order to spend together a day of sport!

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