About us


Inspiring people to live healthily and in harmony with our Earth’s ecosystems.

Team & Roots

Outdoor Portofino started in 2013 by the idea of the four founding members – Luca, Sara, Alessandra and Angelo – with the goal to spread their passion for nature, sport and the surrounding territory, bringing into play their skills and focusing on continuous training.


“We want to be a drop of water in the sea of revolution that must lead to a drastic change in the lifestyle of men in order to live in harmony with the earth ecosystem.” Nature is our work environment: it is our primary goal to safeguard it and make people around us aware of protecting it!


Outdoor Portofino has a well-rooted operational structure as if they were the roots of a tree. The representative branches of the areas of intervention and offer of Outdoor Portofino branch off from this solid structure.


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