Coastal cleanup, environmental education and citizen science project in Portofino’s Marine Protected Area. Since its foundation Outdoor Portofino has been carrying out all of these activities involving experts and local realities. Aim of the project is to spread a greater awareness of nature and the territory and the behaviors to respect them.

A project that has been going on since 2011, but that was put at risk in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic and its economic cuts. Thanks to The North Face we have the support to move forward and have the resources to concretely get back to working on research, coastal cleaning, monitoring and citizen science activities.

Within CRABS, we find two different strengths: the Team and the Community.


A small group of high skilled, motivated and very well trained people ready for action whenever there is a need to intervene in those areas difficult to access.  This group is made up by some members of the OP Team and by other enthusiasts (and experts) of the outdoor world. Some of the activities the team will be called to conduct are cleanupdata collection for monitoring and research activities. The Crabs Team will be working closely with research bodies, such as Portofino’s Marine Protected Area and the CNR (Science, Research Council).

Meet the Team


Environmental sustainability Professor at the University of Genoa, Adriana is also the University’s delegate for environmental sustainability and member of the ministerial commission on the Environment. Very busy woman! But, as she says, “always doing things I love”. Her experience is essential to make the results of the cleanup actions even more effective.


Sea takes places in all her passions, hobbies and interests. This is how she defines herself: a freelancer in the field of marine conservation and education. Arianna has recently joined the OP team as responsible for scientific projects. She is a diving guide with experience in cold seas. What she loves most is telling stories about “her” the Mediterranean Sea, experiencing the Mediterranean Sea. 


Student of Environmental Sciences, Daniele is also a kayak polo player and surfer. He saw the birth of Outdoor Portofino when he was still a child, he has always enthusiastically participated in clean-up and environmental education initiatives around the MPA. These activities are part of his daily life: “protecting these areas is natural, like a do ut des between me and nature.”


Dario is student of Environmental Sciences at the University of Genoa at his final year. He has been practicing paddleboarding for about 6 years, sport which he finds perfect to experience the sea in a sustainable way. Among his missions in life there is the interest in doing citizen science to involve and spread an ever greater awareness on the issues of the environment and sustainability.


Enrico grew up in Camogli: he knows Portofino’s Park and its marine protected area since he was a child. Even today he dedicates his free time to explore it on foot, by bike or sup. He works in the Communications and is a graphic designer – also for Outdoor Portofino. His decision to take part to this projects is also a personal challenge: he wants to go beyond his limits and get closer to the sea even in winter.


Francesco is a clown, founder of a theatrical company that leads him around the world. He has recently found contact with nature by approaching kayaking again (he has a past as a kayak polo player and several river kayaking experiences). With Crabs he aims to deepen the aspects of sustainability that can be carried out with kayaking.


Physiotherapist and passionate about everything related to outdoor sports. Already part of the OP team, Giulia is also a member of Crabs, a project that marries her attention to sustainability and education. She grew up in Camogli and knows the territory of the Portofino park like her own pockets. She is proud to be part of Crabs with which she may carry out citizen science projects with OP.


OP instructor and guide, Giuseppe is part of the Crabs Team also as a trainer. He is an ISKGA guide, Sea Kayak Leader of the British Federation and Italian FICK instructor with experience even in tidal conditions. He loves the outdoors in all its forms and spends every free moment paddling on his kayak looking for direct contact with the sea.


President and founding partner of Outdoor Portofino, Luca has a decade of experience in the world of outdoor sports. Graduated in Marine Environmental Sciences, he is also part of Crabs as a trainer. He aims to pass on his technical sports knowledge and environmental issues related to the territory. Luca has been a canoe instructor since the age of 17, he is Sea Kayak Leader 4 * BC (British Canoe), trained 5*.


Student of Sports Sciences, Manuel is part of the OP team since 2015. He has an exceptional team spirit, a key element for a project like Crabs where collaboration and group trust is essential. In the words of Manuel “Being part of the Crabs Team is a matter of pride. In a team, the important thing is not to find the other person’s flaw, but to enhance what makes them strong! “


Marco has a degree in history and is also a hiking guide (with many experiences abroad despite his very young age!). He’s Guide of the Aquarium of Genoa, guide of the Cinque Terre National Park, guide of the Galata Museo del Mare, tour guide and lifeguard.
He identifies in Crabs the sharing of values as sustainability and education that he also carries out in his personal work.


With a ten-year past as a military man, Massi is now an underwater diver. Extreme sports are his oxygen: skydiver, climber, mountaineer, diver, canyoner, kayaker. Raised on the sea, he experienced first hand the disappearance of some marine species. With the Crabs project he wants to commit himself to limit exploitation and do something concrete for the protection of our sea.


Matteo has always been a sailor and sea lover. Employed at a company in the nautical sector, he continues to sail both for personal interest and for competition. Always attracted to outdoor activities, he is very grateful for everything he receives from nature. With the Crabs project he wants to actively engage in giving something back to Nature.


Michela is a University of Genoa Professor of mitigation and adaptation to climate change. With a PADI advance diver certification, she is passionate about water sports. Thanks to her expertise and experience she will be able to share and bring important notions to obtain even more effective results.


Graduated in Natural Sciences from the University of Genoa with a thesis on the Portofino Park, Nicola is a great nature and outdoor activities lover. He joins the Outdoor Portofino team in 2019. With Crabs he wants to commit to reaching the awareness of young people with the aim of raising awareness of more sustainable behaviors.


The project also sees the involvement of the local community through educational events with the participation of environmental professionals. A set of initiatives open to the public aiming to raise awareness of respect and knowledge of nature and its ecosystems. Citizen science activities such as monitoring and data collection, waste gathering and cleanup actions, participatory surveys, environmental and ecological observations.

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