Luca Tixi

Year of birth: 1986

Joined OP: OP was born with me

How OP became part of you? OP has always been in my head. Since, as a child, my dad took me kayaking to Punta Chiappa. Since I explored the Portofino Park with my grandfather and he taught me to use map, compass and binoculars and to recognize plants. Ever since, during high school, I dreamed of passing on all this to others. Since I chose to study Marine Environmental Sciences at the University. Op has always been inside of me.

Tasks in OP? Organization and Development

Patents: FICK Kayak Master, 4 star Sea Leader (trained 5 star), Lifeguard, Coasteering Guide, Nautical License (unlimited), First Aid and BLSD.

Your three greatest passions? Nature in all forms in which it is free to express itself. The exploration of our extraordinary planet and its ecological, human and historical biodiversity (by kayaking, trekking, coasteering, by bike, by boat, underwater, etc.). Professional and genuine sport, practiced with friends.

Your favorite place in Liguria? The approximately 30 cm that delimit the low tide zone from the high tide one.

Three favorite dishes from your local cuisine? I’m from Recco! Moltedo’s Focaccia, cappon magro and gnocchi with pesto

Three values that best represent you? Belonging, Nature, Optimism

I was born and raised in Recco, at the gates of the Portofino Park (Liguria). I remember spending my childhood among the trails of the park and the coasts of its marine reserve: the most spectacular playground that a kid can desire! From the age of 6 I attended the International School in Genoa, an education that allowed me to grow bilingual.

At the time of high school, in a period of environmental militancy and hermitage on the Portofino mountain, the enlightenment arrives: I understand that my job will be to bring people into nature! At the age of 17 I became a kayak instructor and in 2005 I founded River’s Gipsy (an embryo of what will be OP) together with my friend Stefano Bellotti (founder of BlackWave). Immediately after graduating in Marine Environmental Sciences at the University of Genoa, I founded KayakTramp (Kayak Tours in AMP) in 2011. The following year the KayakTramp association changed its name into Outdoor Portofino.

In 2013, together with my partners Alessandra, Sara and Angelo, we founded the Sports Company Outdoor Portofino! Find out more about the history of OP by clicking here. Among the successes achieved the victory of the national youth water polo championship with the Pro Recco Waterpolo Team in 2001 and the participation in the European Championships with the Kayak Polo Italian National Team U21 and silver medal at the National Club Championship.

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