Our Roots

A dream come true

Outdoor Portofino started in 2013 by the idea of the four founding members: Luca, Sara, Alessandra and Angelo. Their goal is to spread their passion for nature, sport and the surrounding territory, bringing into play their skills and focusing on continuous training. Born and raised in the Park of Portofino, the four members since childhood are approached individually by their families to an active lifestyle in contact with nature. Many are the occasions during when they meet at sea during a kayak trip or on the trails of the Park, while spending time with their own families. Therefore, a destiny that already had its traces in their first years of life.

Earlier, in 2011, Luca Tixi, current president of Outdoor Portofino, gave life to KayakTramp, “mother” association of the current company. With KayakTramp Luca gave life to the dream he had since high school. An organization which gave everyone the opportunity to experience the beauties surrounding us, admire the unspoiled nature while practicing sports, all in the least possible environmental impact. What was his passion as a child became reality. Also thanks to the ability of connecting a group of friends with the same passions and interests in a common goal.

The greatest strength is being a close-knit group of friends and secondly colleagues, able to transmit the values they believe in with enthusiasm and passion. This project was an innovation on the territory. This element allowed us to be welcomed and supported by the realities and local authorities, creating a synergy in continuous development and growth.

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