Sara Liverani

sara liverani team op 2021

Year of birth: 1993

Joined OP: 2021

How did you join OP? While attending the Marine Tour Leader Course organized by Regione Liguria at the Tourism Academy. I enrolled to this course to broaden my knowledge and open myself to new opportunities. Started almost as a joke, it was found to be essential to get to know Liguria better and the activities which are attentive to biodiversity in the area. At the end of the course we carried out a project work, and by chance (Does this exist?) I was assigned to Luca and OP. it was an incredible learning experience! I did not expect to meet everything I love to do in a single reality! When Luca asked me if I was interested in a job, I couldn’t find the words to express the joy just because he had thought of me!

Tasks in OP? Experience, School and Projects

Patents: Rescue Diver PADI, Oxigen Provider, Lifeguard, Dive Buddy HSA, EcoMAC Reef Check, P.E.R (patròn de embarcaciòn de recreo), Tourist Marine Escort

Your three greatest passions? The sea in all its shapes, living it and discover it in all its dimensions and depths. The exploration of Nature, also in terms of ecological biodiversity, population dynamics within a habitat as a key to understanding human relationships and oneself. Outdoor activities in general, if there is a pinch of adrenaline better!

Your favorite place in Liguria? Non ho un posto preferito, ogni tratto di costa ha la sua magia. Ma avrò sempre un debole per le Foreste di Gorgonie.

Three favorite dishes from your local cuisine? Da Romagnola e da buona forchetta ho più di tre piatti preferiti!! Ma i più rappresentativi sono Cappelletti, Piadina e Ciccioli con un buon Sangiovese!

Three values that best represent you? Curiosity, Nature, Perseverance… (Can I add Optimism?)

I was born and raised in Brisighella, a small medieval village in the heart of Romagna, barefoot in the meadow and adrenaline-filled adventures. Nautical camping, looking at the deep blue with a mask was my first love and my great teacher of Life. Sleeping under the stars is my favorite 5-star hotel. I studied highschool at the Socio Psico-Pedagogico Evangelista Torricelli, which highlighted my sensitivity, sometimes too much, but which I learned to manage. I finished with an essay on Diving , after becoming a diving escort for the blind.

I decided to move to Genoa to enroll in the Marine Environmental Sciences University. In 2015 I participated in the Erasmus program in Cadiz, a magical experience that gave the final confirmation that I would have liked to work with and for Passion, committing myself to what I believe in: scientific research and education through nature. Now I’m finishing my specialization in “Ecology and marine biology”. Becoming a Tourist Marine Escort in Liguria is a milestone reached for me, to which I add value because, thanks to this, I met Outdoor Portofino. I am always looking for new challenges and trying to understand the why of things. Goals? Every milestone reached so far. One after the other they marked the way to have come this far for now, above all for allowing myself to do what I love and believe.

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