A dream come true

Outdoor Portofino started in 2013 by the idea of the four founding members: Luca, Sara, Alessandra and Angelo. Their goal is to spread their passion for nature, sport and the surrounding territory, bringing into play their skills and focusing on continuous training. Born and raised in the Park of Portofino, the four members since childhood are approached individually by their families to an active lifestyle in contact with nature. Many are the occasions during when they meet at sea during a kayak trip or on the trails of the Park, while spending time with their own families. Therefore, a destiny that already had its traces in their first years of life.

Earlier, in 2011, Luca Tixi, current president of Outdoor Portofino, gave life to KayakTramp, “mother” association of the current company. With KayakTramp Luca gave life to the dream he had since high school. An organization which gave everyone the opportunity to experience the beauties surrounding us, admire the unspoiled nature while practicing sports, all in the least possible environmental impact. What was his passion as a child became reality. Also thanks to the ability of connecting a group of friends with the same passions and interests in a common goal.

The greatest strength is being a close-knit group of friends and secondly colleagues, able to transmit the values they believe in with enthusiasm and passion. This project was an innovation on the territory. This element allowed us to be welcomed and supported by the realities and local authorities, creating a synergy in continuous development and growth.

Outdoor Portofinos’ Team

Luca Tixi

Graduated in Marine Environmental Sciences at the University of Genoa, with a thesis in marine meteorology, Luca grew up bilingual Italian-English thanks to the International School in Genoa that he attended from the age of 6 years. Luca is Sea Kayak Leader 4* BC (British Canoe), trained 5*. With this project, he realizes the dream of putting together his passion and his scientific skills.

Kayak instructor since the age of 17, passionate sailor and diver, trekking and outdoor sports lover, Luca is a born entrepreneur and a volcano of ideas (often withhold by his sister Alessandra). Competitive sportsman, he played in the kayak-pole national team in 2007, a sport he has practiced since 2004 and was a goalkeeper in the team Pro Recco Pallanuoto, with whom he won the championship in 2001.

Sara Guaraglia

Graduated in Marine Environmental Sciences at the University of Genoa, with a thesis project based on the Tonnarella di Camogli, Sara is the administrative machine of the project. A sea lover in all its aspects, she attended several sailing courses and obtained the SSI “Open Water Diver” diving license and the WWF Scientific Entertainer.

Born and raised in the wonderful seaside village of Camogli, according to her “The Capital”, Sara does not miss a shot and – at the cost of adding a reminder to her endless list – she would never forget what she has to do. Solar and enthusiastic, she is always ready to have fun with friends!

Alessandra Tixi

Bilingual Italian-English thanks to the International School, after a degree in Interior Design and some experience abroad, Alessandra finds her way in the world of communication and pr. With work experiences at the Studio Comunicazione Gardella and the Genoa International Boat Show, Alessandra is also a swimming instructor (FIN and FISDIR).

Alessandra loves nature in all its aspects and dedicates a lot of energy to leading a sustainable lifestyle. Sweet and sensitive, but also precise and very organized (sometimes even too much!). Water is her element, the place where she feels at home.

Angelo Bertora

Graduated at the Istituto Nautico Cristoforo Colombo in Camogli, Angelo is a lover of all the activities related to row and paddle: he has been a kayaker since 1985 and FICK instructor since 1991, with a vast experience in nautical trekking not only in the Ligurian Sea.

It can be said that the Marine Protected Area is as if it was his house: born and raised in Camogli, Angelo knows every corner of the park of Portofino and is an encyclopedia of history and curiosity of the Ligurian territory. He participated as a rower at the crossing Chiavari-Coti Chiavari (Ajaccio, Sardinia), and with the rowing group “U Dragun” he represented Liguria at the European Parliament in Strasbourg.


Giuseppe Debernardi

Giuseppe is a moderate water sea kayak leader of the English federation BC (British Canoe), Coastal guide ISKGA (International Sea Kayak Guide Association) and Italian sea kayak FICK instructor. He joins the Outdoor Portofino team satisfying his great passion for the outdoor world and testing himself with various new projects. As head of human resources and team trainer, he dedicated himself with passion every day passing on his strong experience as a sea kayak guide to the other OP guides.

With a big change of life at his shoulders, Giuseppe has moved from restaurant manager to being an enthusiastic kayak guide and more! Among the experiences that gave him an approach to direct and genuine life, there’s the crossing of the Atlantic Ocean from Imperia to Martinique on a 9-meter boat and only 2 crew members. He also lived in Ireland and in Australia. In the last 15 years he has been paddling between Liguria, Cote d’Azur and Corsica and has had experiences in sea kayaking in the UK to deepen and live his passion for the tides directly.

Alice Patrone

Graduated as a catering service technician, after having worked for several years on the management of activities in the tourism-hotel sector, she decided to approach the outdoor world and the lifestyle connected to it. Workaholic and a great worker, Alice has an organizer mind which facilitates planning and coordination of work. For Outdoor Portofino, Alice manages the desk office and a few marketing aspects, always with a smile and the solution ready.

Passionate about nutrition, she obtained certification in sports nutrition and supplementation, a topic that she is still deepening. Recently returned from a drastic change of life, Alice is a cheerful, positive and enthusiastic girl. She loves traveling and discovering the world that surrounds her: in fact, travel is the aspect that sees more and more as part of her life.

Giulia Bertora

Graduated in Physiotherapy at the University of Genoa, Giulia is passionate about everything related to movement and outdoor sports. Water is her natural habitat: she practiced water polo for 12 years in various teams including R.N. Camogli, Pro Recco and Rapallo Waterpolo, with whom in 2013 she won both the Under 19 and the Italian National Championship. Professionally and with passion, Giulia passes on her knowledge as an instructor of the kid of the Nature School and as a kayak and sup guide.

Grown up in Camogli, as a child she gets confident with paddling thanks to her father instructor. She learns immediately to use this means to live new adventures exploring the environment that surrounds it. Excited to be able to share and transmit her passion for the territory, helping others to enjoy all its beauty both above and below the surface!

Daniele Bertora

Environmental Science student at the University of Genoa, Daniele grew up seeing Outdoor Portofino’s evolution since its birth. One of the youngest members of the team, he is now sea kayak guide and Nature School instructor.
Daniele is British Canoeing (BC) 3 Star Sea Assessment from 2017, he has been a lifeguard since 2015 and has obtained several diving patents becoming PADI Rescue Diver.

Born in Camogli a stone’s throw from the sea, it was certain that Daniele became fond of kayaking and the sea in general, like the rest of the family. Kayak polo player and surfer since 2013, to enjoy even better the sea and its territory Daniele is also a rower on the boat “U Dragun” of Camogli with which in 2014 he rowed 300 km between the canals crossing the entire Holland.

Nicola Brignole

Graduated in Natural Sciences at the University of Genoa with a thesis on the pedofauna of the Park of Portofino, Nicola loves nature and outdoor activities. He joins the Outdoor Portofino team in 2019 and becomes snorkeling guide. Nicola’s contagious smile will always be welcoming you in Niasca!

With his kind and open character, Nicola tries always to help where it is needed. He practiced swimming as a sport for many years and is a registered lifeguard. Traveling and exploring destinations that offer unspoiled nature is one of his passions.

Lilla Szücs

Graduated in Marketing and Sport Management at the University. Meanwhile she became a certified yoga teacher and EMS personal trainer. After the studies, she worked in the marketing field, taught yoga and held trainings. She decided then to continue as a freelancer, option that allows her to work remotely and combine her passions: sport and travel.

Her curious mind and love for exploring different cultures brought her to study in Germany and to work in the U.S., India and currently in Italy. Since her childhood, sport has been playing an important role in her life: she practiced gymnastics for 11 years. Lilla is always ready to learn something new. Passionate about sharing a healthy lifestyle and introducing more and more people the magic of yoga.

Manuel Montanaro

100% Ligurian rugby player! Player and coach of the Cus Genova team first and currently of the Cus Savona team, Manuel is studying Physical Education at the University of Genoa. Since childhood he cultivated a huge passion for team sports, especially if practiced outdoors, together with a dispassionate love for motorcycles and cars. Friendly and always ready to help others, Manuel is our “big boy” who enjoys entertaining the little ones!

With Outdoor Portofino it all started by chance in 2015 on the occasion of a sailing festival. Thanks to his strong team spirit and positive character, he immediately conquers the team. The collaboration begins with a school-work project which then turns into a real work experience. With OP he approached sit-in kayaking and enriched his passion for the sea and snorkeling.

Tommaso Lorenzetti

Passionate about the sea and water sports, he started sailing as a child choosing the discipline as a competitive sport and lifestyle. He is a FIV Sailing Instructor, patent that has allowed him to work in many sailing clubs. Graduated in International and Diplomatic Sciences at the University of Genoa and History Professor, Tommaso provides his expertise in all the projects of Outdoor Portofino.

Tommaso has an irresistible and contagious energy and enthusiasm! Raised mother tongue English-Spanish thanks to the international experiences lived with the family, Tommaso is passionate about the sea and all the sports that involve wind, waves and current. The call to nature and the sea is strong in him: as soon as he has the opportunity, he regenerates himself through outdoor sports.


Gregorio Ferrari

Gregorio collaborates with Outdoor Portofino since 2017 as press office for events and other projects. In addition to his communication skills, he puts his passion for photography into practice with Outdoor Portofino, capturing the Team and telling the audience about their achievements.

Gregorio discovered a passion for life in sailing, starting with the optimist up to become a 1st level FIV Instructor. Passionate about the sea at 360°, Gregorio is enthusiastic, competent and always on the move. Student in Humanities for Communication he works as a freelance with magazines in the sailing sector, devoting himself in particular to drifts and the Olympic Classes.

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