Difficulty: Beginner   What's my level?
Beginner: I have no experience or I've tried this sport a few times in easy conditions / Non ho nessuna esperienza o ho provato questo sport un paio di volte in condizioni facili.
Intermediate: I practice this sport regularly and I'm comfortable practicing it autonomously / Pratico questo sport regolarmente e sono a mio agio a praticarlo in autonomia
Expert: I'm a "pro" / Sono un "pro"
Lenght: 2-3h Language: Ita - Eng
Departure Time: 10:00 Location: Santa Margherita, Portofino, Camogli Max: 100
€ 34

The perfect combination of orienteering and survival: a challenge with map, compass and pen among the wonderful trails of the park of Portofino.

  • The right mix of orienteering and survival
  • Routes designed for adults and kids
  • Activity that can be carried out with groups of up to 100 people
  • Learn to work together, divided into teams
  • Learn to read a map and use the compass
  • Restore the contact with nature

Not a simple orienteering! The Orienteering Challenge is a team game in which you will be requested to reach predefined control points indicated on the map, only with the aid of a map and a compass. Once you reach the points, you will have to answer a question or perform a “survival” test, for example building a shelter, lighting a fire or finding paths.

A fun activity for groups that want to discover the territory by learning peculiar curiosities and techniques of the disciplines.

groups of minimum 15, maximum 100 participants

  • briefing
  • short orienteering lesson
  • survival trials with instructors
  • map
  • compass
  • pen
  • Water bottle
  • Trekking shoes
  • Suitable clothing depending on the season

The Natural Park of Portofino, the northernmost protected area of the Western Mediterranean, shows some of the most mind-blowing and celebrated landscapes in the world. The Park includes the municipalities of Camogli, Santa Margherita Ligure, Portofino and, considering the contiguous area, also the municipality of Rapallo. Made up by giant conglomerate deposits overlaying limestone banks, the promontory features geomorphologic and microclimatic characteristics that, in a relatively small area, create extremely diverse environments.Here the fresh Apennine woods of the northern slope are only a short walk away to the sunny Mediterranean landscape and the steep cliffs. Just a few steps separate the different farming cultures associated with chestnut and olive groves, from the sea-related activities and traditional fishing. Protected since 1935, the Park hosts one of the largest floristic concentrations in the Mediterranean, a remarkable variety of birds and invertebrates, as well as an important historical and architectural heritage.

How to reach us The starting and meeting point must be agreed depending on the route and activity.
 Call Center: +39 3343290804
€ 34

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