Pagaiando a Vernazza Cinque Terre) con Outdoor Portofino


In questo quinto episodio “Dietro le Quinte” intervistiamo Simone. Guida Kayak presso la nostra sede delle Cinque Terre, Rapallese, appassionatissimo di Outdoor. Nel team Outdoor Portofino dal 2019, ma assiduo frequentatore da sempre!

Ogni giorno guida con passione e competenza persone provenienti da tutto il mondo tra Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia e occasionalmente Manarola e Riomaggiore. Simone si ci racconterà la sua esperienza e le sue emozioni.

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Survival Team Building Outdoor Portofino 8


In questo episodio Giuseppe, il nostro capo guide e istruttori, ci racconta dal suo punto di vista un intenso ed emozionante weekend di Survival e Orienteering sul Monte di Portofino (clicca per maggiori info). Questa attività di team building, eseguita con l’assistenza di Alessio (istruttore del team OP), aveva lo scopo di mettere alla prova un gruppo di colleghi in una serie di sfide outdoor per stimolare e applicare il lavoro di squadra e le capacità di decision making in situazioni di stress. Si è lavorato ai confini della comfort zone, spesso uscendone, con lo scopo (raggiunto con successo) di imparare e applicare il  metodo “learn by experience”. Ecco il racconto di Giuseppe:

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Alice, responsabile Booking e Social Media ci racconta un dietro le quinte molto particolare:

“Quest’anno, anche grazie alla sponsorizzazione di Exo Kayaks e Jobe Sports, abbiamo avviato un progetto video molto interessante con il mitico Igor D’India!

Igor è un videomaker professionista specializzato nell’outdoor (www.igordindia.it) e quando lo abbiamo conosciuto è stato amore a prima vista. Da Marzo stiamo realizzando una serie di video e mini documentari che raccontano cos’è Outdoor Portofino. Nel progetto era previsto anche un workshop rivolto al nostro staff.

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È ufficialmente arrivata l’estate e con lei sono tornate le escursioni notturne di kayak da Niasca al Faro di Portofino e lo snorkeling notturno nella baia di Paraggi, che tanto successo hanno avuto le stagioni passate.
Come nascono queste attività? Quali sono le fasi di preparazione? Quanto lavoro c’è prima
dell’inizio del tour?

A raccontarci il dietro le quinte di queste attività è Giulia, guida specializzata in uscite notturne (qui il profilo completo).

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Anglesey Sea Kayak Symposium, EXO Kayaks & Outdoor Portofino at the international meeting

Tomaso Dentone and Luca Tixi took part in the gathering that involves hundreds of paddlers from all over the world.
Throughout the week Luca continued his BCU training in ocean waters, where conditions are very intense and rigid. Read the story!

Tomaso and Luca left Italy on Friday, April 29 to reach Wales where they took part to the international kayak meeting in Anglesey. Saturday, April 30 and Sunday, May 1 hundreds of paddlers participated in the activities and trips out to sea organized as a moment of encounter and exchange for professionals and enthusiasts.

From Monday 2 to Friday 6 of May, Luca, president of Outdoor Portofino, continues his BCU training, this time in ocean waters. Luca is attending training courses and activities where kayak management capabilities, both individual and group, are put to test in certainly very different conditions from what occurs in the Mediterranean Sea. The conditions in ocean waters are very intense and rigid: in certain spots tidal currents of 12 knots are expected with a water temperature reaching (only) 7 ° C! These factors don’t scare Luca who, supported by EXO Kayaks, says he’s very excited to be able to test himself in new marine conditions previously unknown to him. Let’s read the story directly from Whales!

Day 1, Saturday, April 30

Tomaso and Luca, respectively of Exo Kayaks and Outdoor Portofino, reach the Anglesey Outdoor Center, meeting basis for all participants in the gathering. Participation is high with people coming from all over the world. Today the sun is shining and the temperature is 10 °. The day develops with new and challenging experiences: today we paddle on the Tidal Races (tidal currents)!

Day 2, Sunday, May 1

The alarm sounds early and the weather outside is terrible: rain, strong wind and cold. But here nothing stops us so, despite the bad weather conditions, we get into the water. At sea the wind is very strong – about 30 knots – creating the ideal conditions for a day of exercises. Very good Luca Tixi who acted as the coach assistant today showing great paddling skills.

The story of a girl who participated at the #StreetOP

The alleys of Genova, the orienteering and myself. A fantastic adventure.

A city made of “vicoli” and historic corners, this is the view of Genova through the eyes of Joana, a Portuguese girl who experienced for her first time the Orienteering with us.

Nothing better than a fun game and a native companion to discover some of this places. With a topographic map and a compass, in a team of two, starts our Orienteering, searching for signaled places (lanterne) within a 2 hours limit.
An event promoted by outdoor Portofino and Abbey Hostel, from where, very prepared teams, and us a bit less, depart with the objective of finding the marked locations the fastest way possible, a very healthy competitive spirit is felt in the air.
The first stop is the column dedicated to Cesare Vacchero, nominated the infamous, that was erected to remember is part in the conspiracy to take down the Genovese Republic.
From there we count trees, remember the fallen of the World War II and register our presence in Casteletto (on of most beautiful view points of Genova) taking a selfie that facebook will render eternal.
The bust of Kazuhiko Fukuda is the hardest “lanterne” to find, and has us, and some of our fellow players, walking in circles for a while but in the end lady luck is on our side and we conquer the city.
After walking for almost two hours we arrive, not in first place, but with the felling of mission accomplished and even a good punctuation.
As final remark i must say that Orienteering is pretty cool as it can mobilize a lot of people from all ages and social strata. If you are an enthusiats or not (you will become one) and want to experince, like me, keep an eye for the next one.

Luca obtains the BCU international certification

Luca Tixi, president of Outdoor Portofino, took part at the Sea Kayak courses of BCU – British Canoe Union – held by Tatiyak. Obtained the certification of the 3 star course, he now expects the 4 star certification after a long weekend of sea trials with a close-knit group of canoeists in Sardinia.

With years of kayaking experience, Outdoor Portofino’s team continues its training. This time it was Luca Tixi, president and founder of Outdoor Portofino, to start a new and challenging training program following an international education. We are talking about the BCU – British Canoe Union, a didactic that organizes sea kayak courses, for all levels. In Italy, it is Tatiana Cappucci with the school Tatiyak to carry out the courses.

Luca took part in the 3 star course – for those who want to get a specific skill to run the boat in sea condition status 3 – obtaining an internationally recognized certification.

After attending a four day course in Sardinia, now he expects the examination for the 4 star certification.

From Luca’s training, all the instructors of Outdoor Portofino will be able to take the necessary elements for a continiously increasing professional conduction.

SLAM’s sponsorship announced at the WISKIE event 2015

On December 6, Outdoor Portofino’s Sea Kayak Team of  was at the WISKIE – Winter Sea Kayak Italian Event. 

For the occasion, Outdoor Portofino wore new technical uniforms signed SLAM, new sponsor of the team.

Giulia, Marina, Angelo and Luca, left early from Camogli, reached the other 42 participants in Marinella di Sarzana where they started a long paddle with the fast and maneuverable Exo kayaks XM 515, along the border between Liguria and Tuscany.

Reached Lerici, after a short lunch break with the group – made up of kayakers from all over Italy – the bow was put to the starting point, paddling against wind at times, but admiring a unique and breathtaking landscape.

After the greetings to all the new friends met during this wonderful day and with more than 10 miles in the arms, the team came back tired and happy, looking forward to returning back into the sea!

In occasion of the gathering, Outdoor Portofino’s Team announced SLAM’s new sponsorship by wearing the new technical uniforms.

Presenting Outdoor Portofino at the IULM University in Milan

Outdoor Portofino has been invited from the University IULM in Milan to present its activity at the degree course “Tourism: culture and development of the territories”.

Luca Tixi’s experience, president of Outdoor Portofino, has aroused great interest and questions among the students. 

Monday November 17th Outdoor Portofino was presented at the three-years tourism degree at the IULM University in Milan. Within the course “Tourism politics and international cooperation”, the professor Margherita Bozzano invited us to tell about our activity of environmental education and sustainable tourism.Outdoor Portofino gave an encouragement signal to the young students focusing on our territory and local resources.

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