The story of a girl who participated at the #StreetOP

The alleys of Genova, the orienteering and myself. A fantastic adventure.

A city made of “vicoli” and historic corners, this is the view of Genova through the eyes of Joana, a Portuguese girl who experienced for her first time the Orienteering with us.


Nothing better than a fun game and a native companion to discover some of this places. With a topographic map and a compass, in a team of two, starts our Orienteering, searching for signaled places (lanterne) within a 2 hours limit.
An event promoted by outdoor Portofino and Abbey Hostel, from where, very prepared teams, and us a bit less, depart with the objective of finding the marked locations the fastest way possible, a very healthy competitive spirit is felt in the air.
The first stop is the column dedicated to Cesare Vacchero, nominated the infamous, that was erected to remember is part in the conspiracy to take down the Genovese Republic.
From there we count trees, remember the fallen of the World War II and register our presence in Casteletto (on of most beautiful view points of Genova) taking a selfie that facebook will render eternal.
The bust of Kazuhiko Fukuda is the hardest “lanterne” to find, and has us, and some of our fellow players, walking in circles for a while but in the end lady luck is on our side and we conquer the city.
After walking for almost two hours we arrive, not in first place, but with the felling of mission accomplished and even a good punctuation.
As final remark i must say that Orienteering is pretty cool as it can mobilize a lot of people from all ages and social strata. If you are an enthusiats or not (you will become one) and want to experince, like me, keep an eye for the next one.

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