In bici sopra Camogli, tra Ruta e San Rocco

Cycling from Portofino to Camogli

We are always looking for new ways to experience the area of Portofino and Santa Margherita Ligure. After having thought and tried various bike itineraries, we have created two different routes.  In this article we will talk about our personal test of the cycling itinerary between Portofino, Santa Margherita Ligure and Camogli.

If you left your gear home, in our Santa Margherita bike and e-bike rental center we have everything you need! A map showing the points of interest and the route, lockers and bicycles always ready for an optimal journey.

This itinerary allows you to discover unbeaten tracks, appreciate the tranquility of a ride without fatigue thanks to electric bikes and enjoy marvelous panoramas.

Our test of the Bike itinerary in the “Riviera” of Liguria:

Let’s bike

A sunny October day in Santa Margherita Ligure is a great chance to reach Camogli by bike, take some pictures, walk in this stunning fisherman village and have a snack in a typical local bakery.

Biking uphill

Using an e-bike, going uphill is easy even for those who are not very sporty (or not at all)!

The road that climbs from Santa Margherita to the “Aurelia” is not as tiring as it might seem. The electric motor gives enough help to keep enjoying the panorama.

Most athletic ones can use “muscular” bicycles. Total height difference is about 600 m, highest point is Ruta di Camogli (altitude 270 m).

The stops:

Cycling to the “Salto in Cielo” we stopped a couple of times to photograph the landscapes that the “Riviera” offers and that we are never tired of.

After passing San Lorenzo della Costa and then the Ruta tunnel we leave the Gulf of Tigullio to enter into the Golfo Paradiso. The view of Camogli, Bogliasco, Genoa and the Maritime Alps immediately appears majestic.

Thanks to the supplied road book it is possible to take small detours to discover less well-known sights.

Ruta di Camogli:

The ancient “Chiesa Millenaria” (1000 years old church, dating back to the 12th century) is an  unknown pearl. It’s  easily reachable from Ruta (5 min).  A little downhill, a dip into tradition (for those not in a hurry) to enjoy a coffee at Budicin, an ancient traditional pastry.

San Rocco:

A panoramic photo from the main square and a stop at Muagetti, the most sightseeing bar in Liguria, are a must. Worth a visit (and a snack) the Panificio Maccarini, specialty: “Galletta del Marinaio”, a fundamental ingredient for the “Capponadda Ligure”.


We then started our descent on the Aurelia till  Recco. Suggested stop to enjoy the famous “Vitto” ice cream, the best in the area, or the famous “Focaccia al Formaggio“. Locals recommended this choice!


It’s time to take the road that runs along the sea cliffs to the fishing village of Camogli. Arriving in the center, we park the e-bikes and we get lost among the characteristic and fascinating “carruggi” (Ligurian typical narrow alleys).

Right in front of the beach, near the Basilica of Santa Maria, there is Revello, where a packed Ligurian lunch awaits us.

Focaccia, savory pie and Camogliesi with Rum or Hazelnut to be enjoyed sitting on a bench on the waterfront.

The way back

It’s time to cycle back to Portofino. The Sanctuary of n.s. del Boschetto is worth a stop. Here it’s possible to admire the “ex voto marinari”.

Confident of not having problems uphill, we can then enjoy the fun descent towards Santa Margherita Ligure.

We reach the Outdoor Portofino Hub in 20 minutes, making a stop to admire and photograph the sunset over the Tigullio sea from above.

Bicycle tours for everyone, all year round

Experiencing the Portofino Promontory with such itineraries allows us to savor a good slice of Liguria: sea, mountains, history and a territory that exudes ancient traditions and flavors all at once.

Traveling autonomously makes us protagonists of this unique experience, suitable for adults and children that only a bicycle and such a territory can offer you.

This is one of the many outdoor activities that have no season, if equipped with suitable clothing you can practice it 12 months a year.

Reaching places like Camogli or Portofino with a bicycle is our favorite way. Want to join us?

Discover other alternative ways (kayak, Sup, Hiking) to reach these places with all our TOURS!

Written by: Nicola Brignole, Alice Patrone and Alessio Lo Piparo (OP team)


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