Alessandra Tixi

Founding Partner, CEO, Marketing & Communication

Who am I

I was born and raised in Recco, but after high school, I started a series of experiences “away from home”. I studied in Turin where I graduated in Interior Design first; follows an experience for an internship in Amsterdam; lastly a period in Valencia living a dream, not too far from reality. After these experiences, I decided to settle again in Liguria (travel is always part of my life undoubtedly!). I grew up bilingual Italian-English thanks to the 10 years of attending the International School; my passion for languages ​​and communication was already clear as a child! I worked for several years in the world of communication and the organization of events in Liguria. In 2014 I made the choice, a bit risky maybe, but of which I am very proud today: I choose to dedicate all my resources to Outdoor Portofino. A motivating job that has also become a lifestyle.

The most satisfying goal is to be able to live a simple life and enjoy the daily beauties. Give up the unnecessary, get rid from excessive consumerism, try to live a life with a reduced environmental impact, appreciate what nature offers us. Having created a natural rhythm with my family that allows us (not exclusively, but to a large extent) to grab genuine products such as vegetables and fruits from our garden. Eliminate excesses, know how to reuse, produce what you can at home (I married a man full of resources!). Having chosen to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world and never stop exploring the surroundings on board of our four-wheeled home. A success? Be happy 😉


“A success? Living every moment with joy and happiness.”

A chat with Alessandra

Year of birth


Joined OP


How did you join OP?

I start collaborating with OP almost immediately: it is impossible to remain indifferent to a project of this value! OP was born “in the family” from an idea of my brother and I was initially involved only marginally in the spare time as support and assistance for some communication activities. In 2014 I decided to “give up” the various jobs I was doing in the field of communication and PR to devote myself entirely to OP.

What do you do in OP?

Marketing, Communication, HR

  • Swimming Instructor FIN and FISDIR
  • Lifeguard
Your greatest passions?

Traditional cuisine made with passion, genuine and (possibly) km0 ingredients. Dancing, that releases energy and generates happiness. Stay outdoors to observe the beauty that surrounds us.

Your favourite place in Liguria?

My favorite place in Liguria no longer exists, or rather, it is no longer accessible. It is what I call, together with my family, “la spiaggia del ferro”, a small beach on the western side of the Portofino park, between Camogli and Porto Pidocchio. The best memories of my childhood are here! With mum, dad and Luca, we used do leave in the morning from Recco by kayak to spend the day in “our” beach (reachable only by sea, therefor always uncrowded). A rock pool brought me closer to the marine environment; the cliffs on which we climbed and dived initiated us to what we now call Coasteering; it is here that I understood water is my element. Wild, salty, tanned childhood of unforgettable memories!

Three favourite dishes in your kitchen?

Very difficult to choose, but why only 3?! Eating is one of the pleasures of life, I dedicate myself with passion to cooking (who knows me knows!). Among the dishes I prefer: torta di riso, a salted rice cake, but only my grandmother Nina’s recipe, focaccia – strictly only if from Moltedo, “Vitto” ‘s ice cream.

Three values that best represent you?

Family, Respect, Optimism

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