Our team of professionals is dedicated with passion and innovation in the development of several projects.

The main fields of action are support to scientific research in the marine field, territorial development projects, environmental communication and outdoor education for children, schools and families.

Below you may find the categories of action of our interventions and our participation in larger projects.

We strongly believe that outreach, education and community involvement are key aspects of conserving our marine environment. This is why we are developing projects and partnerships dedicated to awareness raising activities among outdoor enthusiasts and more.

CRABS Cleanup Research and Action for Biodiversity and Safekeeping
The CRABS project is a marine litter, environmental outreach and citizen science initiative aiming to gather and train a community of marine outdoor enthusiasts in marine conservation actions around Portofino Marine Protected Area. The project is funded by The North Face for 2020-2021.

University Practical Course
Outdoor Portofino has been the location for many Biological Visual Census Practical courses carried out by University of Genoa. Niasca Bay provided a perfect open-sky classroom to learn about marine ecological monitoring techniques and carry our surveys via snorkeling and kayaks.

Through the citizen science projects we are involved in, we aim to involve marine outdoor enthusiast in monitoring, cleaning and restoring the marine environment. 


In collaboration with CNR IAS we are developing and testing a protocol for sampling micro-plastic via kayaks, in order to monitor pollution in coastal areas, often overlooked by oceanographic surveys. We recently tested for the first time the mini-mantas in field as part of our ongoing CRABS project.

An ongoing pilot project in which, partnering with OENgineering and ETT Genoa, we are co-designing and testing an oceanographical data monitoring sensor that can be carried on water-sports devices.


Funded by European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA) among 280 international projects, this garden of Ericaria Amentacea seaweed will be planted and grown by local watersport users, with the aim to comunicate the importance and fragility of these underwater forests.


Thanks to the support of Blue District and the collaboration of Guardia Costiera Ausiliaria, CNR IAS, l’Università di Genova DISTAV e DICCA, Marevivo and Lega Navale, we are bringing locals, tourists and outdoor enthusiasts to discover the sea nearby Nervi in Genova, and take action in marine citizen science activities.

As part of the RELIFE (LIFE15 NAT/IT/000771) project to reintroduce the endangered Patella ferruginea limpet in MPAs from Liguria, we have assisted in transplanting and monitoring the implanted specimens, and in conducting kayak and coasteering surveys to map the resident population of limpets in the area. Additionally, we carried out public engagement activities bringing tourists on guided kayak tours to visit the limpet populations and learn about their ecological importance.

We provided logistical support from our nautical base in Monterosso to the ROC POP Life (N° LIFE16 NAT/IT/000816) project, working to Promote biodiversity enhancement by Restoring Cystoseira POPulations.

Sea-kayak sentinels
We are partnering with Sea Sentinels, a project which aims to involve kayakers in assisting Coast Guards in monitoring the Italian coastline.

City Nature Challenge
In 2021, the international bioblitz City Nature Challenge will arrive in Italy also in a new marine life format, inviting cities to compete for the highest number of citizen science observations of the natural world. We will be participating in the challenge as a local node of Santa Margherita Ligure, inviting local and tourists to upload biological observations above and below the sea, on our own iNaturalist project

Thanks to our strategic marine locations, outdoor skills, local and marine ecological knowledge, we have been acting as consultants for a series of local and national entities, to monitor the coastline or lend our expertise.

Partnering with CIMA Research Foundation, we realised a series of infographics for tourists to illustrate marine itineraries, best practices and information on local marine endemic species to be found around Portofino MPA.

Portofino MPA
We have been acting as contractors for Portofino MPA to run a series of nautical surveys in the area and provide GPS points for mooring, buoys and marine works.

Reading marine forecast is essential to watersports, and our geographical position is strategical for oceanographic monitoring. This is why we are partnering with platforms like EMODnet and Sinbad Liguria to run the Portofino MEDA buoy and oceanographic data available for outdoor activity planning.

Through sports such as kayaking, sup, snorkeling, coasteering, trekking and orienteering, we teach kids and teenagers the organization and structure of the natural environment and how to live in it without altering its balance. We explore nature in total safety.

Nature School
The Nature School summer camp is an opportunity to explore the marine environment of the protected marine area and learn about its habitats. We do environmental education and marine biology through sports activities, passing on our love and respect for nature.

With the support of local institutions, we offer free marine biology and environmental education laboratories in the area. The workshops are thought for kids from 5 years old.

Schools Activities and Programs
Since 2012 we have been developing educational projects for schools. Our aim is to introduce children to outdoor sports in a fun way spreading love and respect for nature. We set up educational programs in classrooms and outdoors.

Camps are aimed at specific activities: outdoor (orienteering, survival, trekking), snorkeling, paddling (kayak and paddle boarding), coasteering. These are daily programs for kids and/or teenagers with the aim of educating to outdoor sports all year round.

Outdoor education
We are engaged 12 months a year in environmental education activities. We believe that it is never too early to discover and love the treasures of the natural environment. Starting right away gives kids the opportunity to grow in awareness and respect for their surroundings.

The well-rooted presence in the territory has allowed us over the years to give life to territorial development (and communication) projects.

Portofino 4 Nature
Together with other professional operators in the area, in 2017 we created Portofino 4 Nature, a brand that offers tourism, culinary and cultural experiences connected to the Park of Portofino. Portofino 4 Nature guides you discovering the territory: genuine tastes, unspoiled nature, richness in traditions and culture, events

Quality Made
Quality Made is a high quality Cultural Identity brand that certifies companies whose activities are based on principles of cultural, environmental and social sustainability. Quality Made is aimed at travellers looking for genuine and unique places, a travel experience that is environmentally-friendly and respects local communities. We obtained the Quality Made certification in 2018 .

Quality Made brand is developed by S.MAR.T.I.C. project, “Sviluppo Marchio Territoriale Identità Culturale”, co-funded by the European Fund for Regional Development through the INTERREG Maritime Italy-France Programme 2014-2020.

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