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Overlooking the Gulf of the Ligurian Sea and sheltered by the Ligurian Apennines, Genoa is a city to be discovered.

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Genoa has the largest historical center in Europe and is a city in which to get lost. The famous “caruggi”, the itineraries of Fabrizio De Andrè, Spianata Castelletto with its majestic view of the city center and the Port of Genoa, Strada Nuova and the Palazzi dei Rolli, the Porto Antico restored by Renzo Piano, Boccadasse, Parco delle Mura and Righi.

A fascinating labyrinth that is revealed through the game and the exploration of our Orienteering activities and other outdoor proposals. Thanks to numerous partnerships established with companies in the area – such as the Ostellin, The Hostel, Manena Hostel, Giardini Luzzati – we have support bases from which to develop activities in the city.


The activities we organize in Genoa have different meeting points that we agree directly when we organize the experiences. Genoa is easily accessible by train, bus, motorbike or car.

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Overlooking the Gulf of the Ligurian Sea and sheltered by the Ligurian Apennines, Genoa is a city to be discovered.

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Chief town of Liguria, Genoa offers a wealth of surprising architectural and cultural heritage. With the largest historical center in Europe, the city also boasts a UNESCO World Heritage site with the Strada Nuova and the Palazzi dei Rolli.
Once a powerful maritime republic and home of Christopher Columbus, Genoa is also known as “La Superba”.
The Expo 1992, on the occurrence of the 500th anniversary of the colonization of the Americas by Christopher Columbus, was the occasion for a major restyling of the area of the old port – now known as Porto Antico – by the work of Renzo Piano and much of the historical center behind it. From this moment Genoa lives a flourishing period until 2004, when it is recognized as European City of Culture..


Nature rises in the city of Genoa! Thanks to the mild climate and the strategic position on the sea, but with the Apennines at its shoulders, Genoa boasts a rich and varied flora: botanical gardens and parks in the city center, Mediterranean vegetation on the coastal strip, green woods on the mountain highlands.

Only in the city center, public parks occupy 82,000 square meters of land! If you want to relax in a green oasis, the ideal places are the Parks of Nervi, the Park of Villa Durazzo Pallavicini, the Garden of Villa del Principe, the Botanical Garden, Villa Imperiale, Spianata dell’Acquasola, Villetta Di Negro and the park of Castello d’Albertis.

The Parco delle Mura and its Forts embrace the city from above: 617 hectares of hills between Val Bisagno and Val Polcevera ideal for hiking or mountain biking. The Parco delle Mura can also be reached by the spectacular train of Casella, which connects the city center to Casella, with spectacular views over the whole valley on a 25 km itinerary.


Genova fu fondata nel IV secolo a.C. e il suo nome probabilmente deriva dal latino ianua (porta). Porto dell’Impero romano prima, Genova divenne poi un potere mercantile. Occupata per secoli da diverse popolazioni, la vittoria contro la Repubblica di Venezia nel 1298 portò Genova a un periodo di rapido sviluppo, nonostante le molte fratture interne causate dalle battaglie delle nobili famiglie genovesi – Spinola, Grimaldi, Doria e altre.

Genova raggiunse il suo apice nel XVI secolo sotto l’impero di Andrea Doria finanziando e beneficiando delle esplorazioni spagnole in America. Questo periodo di prosperità durò fino al XVII secolo attirando l’attenzione di importanti figure artistiche come Rubens, Caravaggio e Van Dyck. Tra i nomi che hanno fatto la storia di Genova c’è anche Galeazzo Alessi, architetto italiano che costruì molti dei bellissimi edifici della città.

Il Risorgimento fu per Genova un altro periodo florido: la città divenne infatti una delle protagoniste della riunificazione d’Italia con figure storiche legate al capoluogo quali Giuseppe Mazzini, Giuseppe Garibaldi e Goffredo Mameli, autore dell’inno nazionale italiano.



Live as a local, visit the most authentic spots and learn the local traditions coming into contact with nature and sport.

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