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Sup Rental

You may find paddle boards for rent at our base in Niasca (Portofino).


The Jobe stand up paddle boards available for hire allow us to accommodate all levels of preparation, from beginners to expert paddlers. Enjoy some time paddling the marine park of Portofino and have a truly unique perspective, both above and below the sea.

The sup boards are inflatable and rigid, all very stable and designed for those who are just starting out with the sport.

We do not take reservations for hourly equipment rental; you will be served directly at the office.

If you intend to rent for two days or more, you can book the equipment by contacting us by email info@outdoorportofino.com or by calling +39 3343290804.

Seasonal Subscription

Kayak & Sup rental


Non Members: € 96,00
Members: € 72,00

Monthly (30 days)

Non Members: € 192,00
Members: € 144,00

Seasonal (Apr-Sept)

Non Members: € 384,00
Members: € 288,00


Available for rent from Portofino (Niasca)

Hourly rates (non bookable)

1 H:
Non Members € 15,00
Members € 12,00

 2 H:
Non Members € 29,00
Members € 23,00

3 H:
Non Members € 41,00
Members € 33,00

4 H:
Non Members € 50,00
Members € 40,00

Daily rates

1 DAY:
Non Members € 50,00
Members € 40,00

> 3 DAYS:
Non Members € 45,00
Members € 36,00

> 1 WEEK:
Non Members € 41,00
Members € 32,00

Mega Sup x2

Available for rent from Portofino (Niasca)

Hourly rates (non bookable)

1 H:
Non Members € 22,00

 2 H:
Non Members € 40,00

3 H:
Non Members € 52,00

4 H:
Non Members € 65,00

Mega Sup x4

Available for rent from Portofino (Niasca)

Hourly rates (non bookable)

1 H:
Non Members € 30,00

 2 H:
Non Members € 55,00

3 H:
Non Members € 75,00

> 4 H:
Non Members € 90,00


Dry bag

Snorkeling set (mask, snorkel, fins)







The various membership solutions allow you to obtain special discount on all of our activities and discount prices on equipment rental. If you are a customer who often comes back to visit us, do not miss the benefits of membership!
Annual validity; for the subscription it is mandatory to present the medical certificate.

Rental Rules

Required for renting:


Over 18 years of age (or authorized by parent/tutor)

Know how to swim

Always wear a life vest

To stay within 300m from the coast

To respect the navigation code

Return the equipment undamaged. Any damage or loss will be refund by the customer

Do not enter the Portofino port

Pay the utmost attention to boats and ferries both at sea and in the access channels to the ports. Follow the navigation code; in case of doubt give priority in advance.

Minors must stay within the bay of Paraggi delimited by the chain

Under 18 Rental

People under 18 of age must be authorized by a parent/tutor. Send and email to info@outdoorportofino.com requesting the digital disclaimer.

noleggio attrezzatura sup

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