Gabriele Merello

Activity Leader

Who am I

Born and raised in Camogli. I study mechanical engineering in Genoa. My approach to the world of sport happened relatively late, with the exception of activities such as kayaking and swimming which, living by the sea, I have always considered “normal”… like walking. The first contact with OP happened thanks to my relatives (Angelo, Daniele and Giulia, already members of the team) who were looking for unskilled workers during the organization of the first Blue Mile of Niasca.

It was right at the end of that day that I got involved in the Outoor Portofino kayak polo team. Later I was always available whenever extra help was needed. In 2023, I actually joined the team!


“I have always practiced swimming and canoeing”

A chat with Gabriele

Year of birth


Joined OP

As activity leader since 2023, but I’ve been part of the kayak polo team since the very beginning!

How did you join OP?

Through family word of mouth (I have relatives who have been part of OP since its foundation)

What do you do in OP?

Activity Leader

Your greatest passions?

Sports, preferably outdoors, technology and … I’ll leave a place vacant, I always like to look for new motivation!

Your favourite place in Liguria?

Camogli: it offers sea, mountains and, above all, it is home.

Three favourite dishes in your kitchen?

Fish, pizzata and pansoti with walnut sauce

Three values that best represent you?

Curiosity, determination, always ready to lend a hand

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