Marco Moraglio

Activity Leader

Who am I

Hi! My name is Marco, born in 1992. After a classical education I graduated with honors in History and Historical Sciences at the University of Genoa. I also managed to publish a book on the history of cryptography. My first passion, however, undoubtedly concerns sport: I have played football in Italy and abroad (goalkeeper – D Series in Italy, A Series in Malta) for many years but I have also always had a real attraction for nature and adventure.

After having carried out countless excursions and many multi-day treks in solitary and autonomously, I approached the world of mountaineering. To my credit I already have several ascents on the 4000 of “our Alps” as well as an expedition on the northern side of the mountain Elbrus in Russia. However, the passion for nature and adventure is at 360° and this has led me to face the marine world both with kayaking excursions and with various dives in the Mediterranean Sea. Today I accompany excursions and travels around Italy and the world.


“The passion for nature and adventure is at 360°”

A chat with Marco

Year of birth


Joined OP


How did you join OP?

I joined the Team OP after being selected to be part of the CRABS Team in the fall of 2020. From there we got to know each other and it was all a crescendo!

What do you do in OP?


Your greatest passions?

Identifying only three is not easy! Having to choose I would say, sport, nature and adventure! I have always tried to push myself wherever nature could offer me beauty and challenges: from the turquoise mosaics of the seabed to the white blankets of the highest peaks in Europe. Now I am ready for the most exciting challenge: sharing my love for nature!

Your favourite place in Liguria?

Even in this case, choosing just one is too difficult … Finale Ligure, the Cinque Terre, the Val d’Aveto …. Most of the dives, however, I did right inside the Park of Portofino and therefore I have to mention it!

Three favourite dishes in your kitchen?

No doubts: pizza, pizza, pizza!

Three values that best represent you?

Tenaciousness, perseverance, curiosity

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