Coronavirus (Covid-19) – Customer Information

To ensure everyone’s safety, we have put into practice a series of measures to prevent and combat the coronavirus spread in our bases and our tours. We follow the current regulations applying them to our business. The procedures will be constantly updated following the evolution of the situation.


Cleaning and disinfection of spaces

We ensure daily cleaning and periodic sanitization of the spaces, workstations and common areas.

Cleaning and sanitizing of the equipments

All equipments are meticulously disinfected after each use following the procedures and products required by the regulations.

Social distancing in the base and during the booked activities

The safety distance will be respected during the activities. For this purpose, the maximum number of participants in the tours and courses have been reduced to avoid gatherings. Access to the base is also monitored to avoid crowding.

Staff training

All on-site staff is trained to follow current regulations to contain, prevent and combat COVID19 and to execute internal guidelines.

  • the mask must always be worn inside the base
  • one person at a time is admitted to the desk
  • in outdoor spaces it is mandatory to keep the interpersonal distance of 1.5m
  • the staff will point when it is possible to approach the desk and access the base
  • it is mandatory to sanitize the hands with the sanitizing gel at the entrance before accessing the base and using the equipment
  • In the changing rooms max 2 people are allowed at a time
  • In the changing rooms, a maximum of 4 people are allowed at a time if they are from the same family
  • Clothes must be stored in the bags or backpacks which will then be placed in the lockers
  • At the entrance, body temperature checks may occur. People with fever over 37.5 are not admitted to the base and to organized activities. If you have fever (over 37.5) or flu symptoms, it is obligatory to stay at home, call your family doctor or health authority.
  • Follow the instructions of the staff. We have created an internal procedure to combat and prevent coronavirus in the workplace. Protecting health is our top priority at the moment. For this reason, the staff must follow the guidelines and may ask users to observe the spacing and use of protective devices such as a mask and gloves.

Per proteggere la salute di ciascuno, abbiamo aggiornato le misure di sicurezza per prevenire e contrastare la diffusione del coronavirus. Maggiori informazioni

We have implemented new safety policies to help ensure guest and staff health. Learn more

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