Enjoy kayaking in Liguria all year round with our excursions and courses

Kayaks born in Greenland by the Inuit people who, thanks to this versatile and safe mean, could face the sea in all weather conditions. Kayaking is the best way to discover marine protected areas due to its zero environmental impact.

Kayak activities


Kayaking is a sport that can be practiced 365 days a year, offering in every season peculiarities and emotions that enrich the experience. Depending on the level of preparation, we offer tours and courses in calm sea conditions or training excursions in rough seas.









Why kayaking

  • Discover marine reserves
  • Learn a new sport
  • It is a sustainable mean of transport
  • It's easy and safe
  • Satisfy your yearning of discovery
  • Stimulate adrenaline
  • Team up with your friends

Provided equipment

  • Kayak
  • Paddle
  • Life vest
  • Wetsuit and thermal sweater

Our activities

The equipment

The Exo Shark 1 is a stable and easy to conduct kayak ideal for beginners.
Size of the kayak: length 3 mt 47 cm; width 72 cm; weight 19 kg; kayaker weight 50-100 Kg.

The Exo Shark 2 is a stable and easy to conduct kayak ideal for beginners. It can hold two people (exceptionally also two adults and a kid) and can also be easily conducted by one person thanks to a study on the central seat.
Size of the kayak: length 4 mt 10 cm; width 85 cm; weight 30 kg; kayaker weight 50-100 Kg.

The Portofino sea kayak designed by Exo is equipped with every kind of solution to make its use comfortable and reliable, also in very long navigations. Fast, stable and maneuverable, the kayak “Portofino” is characterized by 4 lockers, the skeg (keel) and a complete deck equipment.
Size of the kayak: length 5 mt 15 cm; width 57 cm; peso 29 kg; kayaker weight 50-100 Kg; exterior cockpit 86*47; interior cockpit 79*40 cm.

Its 530 x 67 cm make the Dag Biwok a directional, stable, but fast sea kayak. Made of polyethylene, equipped with skeg (keel) and rudder, the kayak has comfortable seating with touring equipment. Fitting is the space to stow the equipment given by two watertight lockers; tiptoe adjustable when seated.

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