San Fruttuoso

San Fruttuoso

A spiritual place where to lose yourself in that preserves traces of an ancient history: explore San Fruttuoso with our outdoor proposals in contact with nature.

In collaboration with Bagni San Fruttuoso, we organize Snorkeling Tours at the Cristo degli Abissi, a submerged statue since 1954 with the aim of protecting all those who dive in the depths of the park. Furthermore, on request, we organize kayak and paddle board excursions inside the bay and towards Cala degli Inglesi, Punta Chiappa and the Tonnara of Camogli.

For larger groups, it is also possible to organize customized Orienteering activities: discover the Torre Doria, the San Fruttuoso Abbey and the surrounding areas within the Portofino Park in a fun way!
The partnership with the Agririfugio Molini allows us to have a support on the spot in order to develop multiple proposals even for several days.

The tiny village of San Fruttuoso – dominated by the Church, the Abbey and the Tower – is located in the heart of the Park of Portofino.

Reachable only on foot or by sea, this place retains an intense charm thanks to the great naturalistic value in which the very few buildings have been builded. San Fruttuoso is a mystical and regenerating place thanks to its small beach and the almost total absence of noise, the rocks that surround the inlet, the Mediterranean vegetation that rise steeply up the hill and the intense blue colors of the sea.

Accompanied by the sweet silence of the sea that you may live kayaking, reach San Fruttuoso by sea and enjoy a wonderful contemplative experience. By sea and by land, Outdoor Portofino takes you through nature trails through outdoor sports, discovering the treasures and hidden secrets of this area.

During summertime, diving in this corner of paradise is also an excellent opportunity to visit the Christ of the Abyss, a statue placed on the bottom of the bay in 1954, also visible snorkeling or simply aboard your canoe.

San Fruttuoso can be reached by all levels of trekkers on foot through the paths of the park of Portofino: from Camogli, from Portofino Vetta, from Portofino village or from Santa Margherita Ligure.

Otherwise, another solution to arrive in San Fruttuoso is by ferry boat from Genoa / Recco / Camogli with the boat service Golfo Paradiso or from Rapallo / Santa Margherita Ligure with the boat service Consorzio Marittimo Golfo del Tigullio.

San Fruttuoso is immersed in a impressive and varied natural landscape. The conglomerate, which is typical of the coast in this area, lacks of tree vegetation near the water level due to the extreme conditions of this environment. Waves, wind and temperature variations allow the presence of only some very adaptable organisms such as limpets, crabs and insects. It is common to spot wild goats at sea level licking salt.

Behind the village, we find different microclimatic characteristics compared to the coastal area: the environment becomes cool, humid and shaded. The holm oak wood mixed with spontaneous vegetation and the last strips of pine forest bordering the Mediterranean scrub stretches here.

Origins of the name

The history of this evocative place has very ancient roots: tradition passes on that in the 8th century A.D. the martyr Fruttuoso, during a dream, chose and pointed out to Prospero – the bishop of Tarragona fleeing from Spain – the bay as a place to bring his relics to safety. Here, the church was founded, then rebuilt in a Benedictine monastery in the 10th century.

The Doria Family

Since 1200, the powerful Genoese family of the Dorias took an interest in the abbey offering to the monastic community the necessary funds to expand the abbey in exchange for granting a burial ground where to lay the remains of the family members. The sea façade with gothic lofts and irregular arches was constructed with stone from the mount.

On the eastern side of the church, stands the Torre Doria built in 1562 in defense of the village. On the facades of the tower, named after Andrea Doria, the emblem with the imperial eagle of the homonymous family is visible. In 1983 the whole complex was donated to the FAI.

Interesting is also the story of Maria Avegno who sacrificed her life to save the soldiers of the English steamship Croesus shipwrecked at the entrance to the bay.

The Cryst of the Abyss

Also the sea facing San Fruttuoso reserves exciting surprises, thanks to the presence of the Cristo degli Abissi. On the initiative of the diver Duilio Marcante and the Genoese entrepreneur Giacomo Costa, the statue of the Christ of the Abyss was lowered to the depths of the bay, 17 meters deep.

The idea comes from the tragic death of Dario Gonzatti, a friend of Duilio Marcante, in the backdrops of Portofino. To remember his friend, Duilio Marcante wanted to think of a symbol that protected all those who dive in these depths. The architect was Guido Galletti who employed 260 kilos of bronze in a statue of 2.5 meters in height. Restored in 2003, the statue was then positioned under water on July 17th, 2004 at a lower depth than the one before.

Activities in San Fruttuoso

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