Test yourself with the paddle board: learn with the lessons and immerse yourself in the landscape with the tours

The Sup – stands for Stand Up Paddle board – was born in Hawaii as an alternative to surfing in case of absence of waves. Alone or in a group, paddle boarding is a fun sport, easy to try and very adaptable!

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With the paddle board you may perform a complete exercise on the whole body and – if practiced during sunny weather – get completely tanned thanks to the standing position. Several are the advantages of the raised position: it allows a wider perspective and a privileged point of view both above and below the sea, as well as an easy contact with the water.


Paddle boarding activities can be carried out all year round.
For beginners we recommend spring, summer and autumn: cold doesn’t exist, but the wrong clothing does (and we’ll take care of providing you the right one for your comfort!).
With the most experienced, we also practice activities during the winter.









Why paddle boarding

  • Discover marine reserves
  • It allows a complete muscle exercise
  • Learn a new sport
  • It allows a privileged perspective
  • It's a sustainable mean of transport
  • Satisfy your yearning of discovery
  • Ideal both alone and in group

Provided equipment

  • Sup
  • Paddle
  • Life vest
  • Wetsuit and thermal shirt

Our activities

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