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Difficulty: Intermediate   What's my level?
Beginner: I have no experience or I've tried this sport a few times in easy conditions / Non ho nessuna esperienza o ho provato questo sport un paio di volte in condizioni facili.
Intermediate: I practice this sport regularly and I'm comfortable practicing it autonomously / Pratico questo sport regolarmente e sono a mio agio a praticarlo in autonomia
Expert: I'm a "pro" / Sono un "pro"
Lenght: 2 giorni Language: Ita - Eng
Departure Time: 10:00 Location: Santa Margherita, Portofino Max: 6
€ 220 € 198

This course is designed for those who already have good mastery with sea kayaking, but want to feel safe even in unfavorable situations, such as navigating in winter or rough seas.


  • Program: 12h course (2 days)
  • BC & Fick Kayak trainers
  • Learn in a wonderful naturalistic frame in close contact with nature
  • Safety is the base of each lesson!
  • High quality sea kayak equipment provided

The Sea Kayak L3 Explore Training Course is designed for those who already have good mastery with sea kayaking, but want to feel safe even in hostile situations, such as navigating in winter or rough seas.
The program will bring the candiate to achieve the knowledge, skills and self-confidence necessary to paddle at sea, being part of a group of equal capacity, during a one-day navigation in conditions up to breeze (Beaufort force 3) or rough seas (Sea State 3).

To access the SK3 course it is necessary to have obtained the Pagaia Azzurra Sea Kayak Level 2 certification – equivalent to the EPP 2 – or demonstrate to master the individual skills, be able to perform rescues and have navigation knowledge corresponding to the requirements of the SK2 Program.

The course covers the program of the National Pagaia Azzurra 3, EPP 3 (Euro Paddle Pass) Certification and that of the BC “Sea Kayak Award”, old 3 stars.

The Pagaia Azzurra 3 Certificate is issued during an additional exam day (not included in the final price) with FICK trainers who have not participated in the training.

The BC “Sea Kayak Award” Certificate will be issued by our internal BC provider once the skills required by the Award have been achieved.

minimum 2, maximum 6 participants

  • Sit-in sea kayak
  • Paddle
  • Spraydeck
  • Life vest
  • Wetsuit (provided during winter season)
  • Thermal shirt (provided during winter season)
  • Water jacket (provided during winter season)
  • Neoprene boots (provided during winter season)
  • Bathing suit
  • Beach towel
  • Water bottle
  • A dry change
  • Hat
  • Sun glasses

Lift and transport kayaks
launching and landing in different scenarios
Forward stroke
Stop and paddling backwards
Bow rudder
Stern rudder
Forward and backward sweep stroke – 360° turn
T draw, scull draw, hanging draw
Low brace and low brace with momentum
High brace and high brace with momentum
Ability to maneuver with self-confidence in sea conditions at the beam reach, bow and stern
Launching and landing in surf max 1m

Self rescue
Assisted rescue
contact tow and long towing

Map reading, use of the compass and bearing
Maritime signaling and regulation to prevent collisions at sea
Navigation Distance and time calculation
Meteorology (sources and interpretation)
Wind effects, wave, tides and coast morphology
Group navigation, safety at sea, first aid items
Knots (bowline knot, figure eight knot, clove hitch)

Coastal habitats
Main representative of the flora and fauna of the Mediterranean
Parks system, Marine Protected Areas and environmental protection

How to reach us The meeting point will be defined depending on the season (Niasca, Portofino o Santa Margherita L.)
 Call Center: +39 3343290804
€ 220 € 198

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