Jacopo Dellacasa

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Who am I

I was born and bred in Genoa, in the urban Sturla district between the sea and Monte Fasce, where nature and the city blend together (not always in favour of the first). I studied at the M.L. King Scientific High School, an experience which gave me the important foundations of culture, friendship, sensitivity and knowledge that are with me today. Afterwards I studied International and Diplomatic Political Science at Genoa University, but I didn’t get the satisfaction that I expected from my university experience. In the meantime, I matured more and more the interest of getting closer to nature, adopting a dog from the Salentino region who I found on my travels (Fusco), recovering an abandoned piece of land on the Genoa hills, then transformed into a collective vegetable garden, and starting to go trekking in earnest.

From 2017 to 2020, I then studied Local and Global Development in Bologna, and it was there that I understood that I would have liked to work in protecting, aiding and conserving the environment and its ecosystems. Well aware that I hail from a non-scientific educational background, which has little in common with the subject, I decided to tackle environmental issues from a multidisciplinary standpoint (political, economical, and social) thanks to which I hope to succeed in developing abilities related and useful to the cause, like designing and working on projects aimed at protecting the environment. I believe in volunteer work and in the sheer force of solidarity and cooperation, reasons for which in 2021 I chose to spend a year with Legambiente doing Voluntary Civil Service, an experience thanks to which I got to know OP and all of its fantastic crew. Achievements? To have set my life up like a trek: always in company, always moving, always with the desire to start another climb to get to the next peak!

“Traguardi? Aver impostato la mia vita come un trekking: in compagnia, sempre in movimento, con la voglia di fare sempre un’altra salita per raggiungere la vetta successiva!”

A chat with Jacopo

Year of birth


Joined OP


How did you join OP?

On Legambiente’s vessel “Goletta Verde” I met Arianna and after just a few minutes, even though I didn’t know it, I had already been embarked on the fantastic boat (or kayak) that is OP!

What do you do in OP?

Projects & Funding

Your greatest passions?

Trekking, the recovery of abandoned areas where vegetable gardens or other cultivations can be created using innovative and sustainable methods, sport in general and at any level, reading and my dog (Fusco).

Your favourite place in Liguria?

Punta Martin, on good days from here you can see the entire region, together with the Alps and Corsica.

Three favourite dishes in your kitchen?

My three favourite dishes are trofie with pesto, pizzata from Recco (more specifically from the Moltedo Bakery) and anything cooked with chard.

Three values that best represent you?

Sharing, freedom and friendship.

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