Le Cinque Terre

Top 4 things to do in Cinque Terre in winter

Is there anything that I can do in the Cinque Terre in the winter? Of course there is: this remarkable cluster of villages, traditions, flavours and colours bustles in its own way for 365 days a year! Forget all about the heat and the chaotic droves of people that you see here in the summer. In this article we will discover the Cinque Terre together in its winter version, with everything that makes it so special even at this time of year.

But first of all let’s respond to a basic question: why should you visit the Cinque Terre during the winter?

Simply: why not? As you can imagine, during this season and at this time of the year, the overwhelming wave of tourists who arrive from all over the world has subsided. What remains is the tranquility and authenticity of these incredible places.

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Santa Margherita Ligure cosa vedere

Top 3 things to do in Santa Margherita Ligure

Things to do (and see) Santa Margherita Ligure: here is my top 3.

“Capital” of the Park of Portofino and an international tourist mecca, Santa Margherita Ligure represents a place where you can enjoy nature, culture and great food.

In this short article you will find my very personal, insider suggestions for enjoying this special paradise to the max (we also talk about it here: “What to see in Portofino: 10 places not to be missed“)

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portofino storia

The history of Portofino: a chat with the expert

The history of Portofino. Today let’s talk about some of the curiosities that regard Portofino and its history, with the help of a very special guest.

This characteristic and colourful seaside village is set in a tiny bay that has a unique conformation – surrounded by the lush greenery of the eponymous Mount and by the turquoise waters of the Protected Marine Area.

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camogli liguria

6 curiosities about unmissable places in Camogli, Liguria

Today I’m going to accompany you on your visit to “my” Camogli, Liguria. Its conformation and architecture represent exactly what one would expect from a Ligurian seaside village: the tall, colored houses piled on top of each other, framed by the greenery of the mountains and by the blue of the sea. By now the town’s economy is more centered on tourism than on the fishing and sailing that were part of its lustrous past. But on summer evenings still today, you can admire the hotchpotch of boats and fishing trawlers as they unload their crates in the tiny port with the day’s freshly caught fish.

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Cosa vedere alle Cinque Terre

Activities in Cinque Terre: my top 5

What to see and do in the Cinque Terre

What is there to see in the Cinque Terre? What is there to do in the Cinque Terre? In this article, we will retrace the path we took in “What to see in Portofino“, answering those two questions that are most often asked by people intending to organise a holiday here or who are looking for advice.

Here are my personal suggestions: what I would do if I were on holiday in the Cinque Terre!

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cristo degli abissi

Christ of the Abyss: how to visit and more

The Christ of the Abyss is a bronze statue placed on the seafloor in San Fruttuoso bay (Camogli). It’s in the heart of the Portofino Marine Park and is one of the most famous attractions of the Ligurian coast.

In this article you will find all the advice and information necessary for visiting it in the best way possible. Are you ready to set off for this unforgettable experience?

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Mare In Liguria

Ligurian Sea: 12 activities for 12 months

Here is our programme for discovering a new active and sustainable way of living the Ligurian sea. 12 months, a suggestion every month. Put it on the list of things to do at least once in your life, you won’t regret it!

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Le Cinque Terre

The Cinque Terre: 3 activities in nature

When God created The Cinque Terre, he was particularly inspired. He took the best ingredients from his stores: verdant mountains that plunge straight into crystalline seas, valleys full of lush nature and tiny islands. Then man came along and embellished them with simple and beautiful colourful architecture (something which rarely occurs) . The result is a place in which history, tradition and architecture blend together in a balanced way, in harmony with the ecosystem, playing the same tune.

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Outdoor Yoga: 6 beautiful spots in the Ligurian Riviera

In one of the last blog articles, we talked about the benefits of yoga. Practising it with constance allows you to maintain a healthy mind and body, an essential condition in this difficult, uncertain period.

Lilla, our legendary Hungarian yoga teacher, loves spending her free time in the open air, going on treks and doing other outdoor activities. During her walks, she always practices yoga in the remote and enchanting places that she finds.

In this article we talk about her favourite spots on the Eastern riviera where you can do yoga in the open air, immersed in the wildest nature and in the traditions of the area.

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parco di portofino

Portofino Park: guide for your next adventure

Are you thinking about organizing your next outdoor adventure in the Portofino Park? Are you familiar with the Park of Portofino already, but on the lookout for new and stimulating ways of getting to know it better? This article will offer you lots of ideas, advice and useful information.

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