Give Sustainability and Slow Experiences with Outdoor Portofino activities

This Christmas, choose to gift unforgettable experiences and memories! In an era where attention to sustainability and the search for meaningful experiences are becoming increasingly central, giving an outdoor experience ensures living unforgettable moments and aligns with the slow tourism philosophy. This Christmas, embrace sustainability and gift slow and mindful adventures in the heart of Liguria. Here are some proposals that will leave your gift recipients speechless!

Adventure and adrenaline among the cliffs: discover our coasteering in Portofino

Coasteering is not only a thrilling experience but also represents a sustainable way to connect with nature. Discovering the coast actively and respecting the environment is an ideal way to embrace slow tourism, reducing ecological impact and appreciating natural beauty sustainably.

Learn to master the board with the SUP Experience

The SUP Experience not only offers a relaxing time at sea but also promotes a slow approach to tourism. Stand-up paddleboarding is a silent and environmentally respectful activity, allowing participants to explore the ocean without disturbing marine life. The activity includes a course on how to use the board and paddle before starting the excursion!

An experience beneath the surface to discover marine biodiversity: our Snorkeling

The marine protected area of Portofino is a true biodiversity oasis, and snorkeling is an ecological way to explore this marine treasure. Invite your loved ones to immerse themselves sustainably in the underwater world, appreciating the beauty of marine life without disrupting the ecosystem.

Exploring the woods and trails of the Portofino Park has never been so fun: Citizen Science Trekking

Walking slowly through the Portofino Park allows one to fully grasp the beauty of natural landscapes. Trekking promotes connection with the surrounding environment, encouraging a more contemplative view of the journey and discovering the scientific dimension of the environment through citizen science activities.

Paddle after paddle, a breathtaking experience among the coves of Portofino with Kayak Tours

The kayak tour offers a unique perspective on the coast, and choosing this means of transportation is environmentally friendly. Using paddle kayaks allows silent movement through the waters, minimizing environmental impact and enjoying exclusive views and perspectives.

The Customizable Gift Voucher

If you are not familiar with the needs of the person you want to gift a sustainable nature experience to, you can always choose the gift voucher! Our vouchers are entirely customizable and offer the possibility to tailor the activity completely. Just choose the value of the voucher, and then the recipient can decide which activity to use it for!

Opting for an experiential gift rather than a material one is a conscious choice that contributes to reducing the environmental impact associated with the production of material goods.

This Christmas, give not only moments of adventure but also sustainability and environmental awareness. Our activities offer unique opportunities to embrace slow tourism, promoting experiences that respect and preserve the beauty of Liguria. Choose a gift that will not only bring joy and emotions but will have a positive long-term impact on your community and the environment. Merry Christmas with a more sustainable tourism!

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