Outdoor Orientation Course 1

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Difficulty: Beginner   What's my level?
Beginner: I have no experience or I've tried this sport a few times in easy conditions / Non ho nessuna esperienza o ho provato questo sport un paio di volte in condizioni facili.
Intermediate: I practice this sport regularly and I'm comfortable practicing it autonomously / Pratico questo sport regolarmente e sono a mio agio a praticarlo in autonomia
Expert: I'm a "pro" / Sono un "pro"
Lenght: 1h30 + 4h Language: Ita - Eng
Departure Time: 9:00 Location: Santa Margherita, Portofino, Cinque Terre, Camogli Max: 16
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Orientation and sense of direction: what is it and how can you develop it? Increase your knowledge with this course which aims to improve orientation in the outdoor activities and in daily life.

  • Recover, train and improve your sense of orientation
  • Learn to use the compass and to read whatever map it is
  • Reconnect with nature and see it with a different eye
  • Find the pleasure of losing yourself

History of Orientation

Recent scientific studies show that the sense of direction is a natural instinct in the human being. On the other hand, before the advent of technology, knowing how to orient oneself was a question of survival based on the observation of the surrounding nature. The progression of science has brought man to the knowledge of instruments – compass, sextant, clock, cartography – that would facilitate his movements.

Up to the present day. GPS cellphones and digital cartography are tools within the reach of all of us, but they destroy the connection with nature and the messages it suggests. The progress of technology makes our sense of direction vanish. Together with this something more is being canceled: the relationship with Nature.

The course

With this course, you will be able to improve your sense of orientation in outdoor practices and in everyday life, restoring that observation skills that too often we ignore.

During the training course, the basics of orientation will be discussed, introducing natural orientation, the use of compass card and the use of geolocation tools for mobile phones. This itinerary will be an excellent exercise to gain strength, safety and learn more about nature: love, respect and protect it.

Theory and Practice

The course is divided into two parts. A first session of theoretical video lessons (see topics details in the “Program” tab) to be followed remotely, followed by some simple theoretical-practical exercises to be carried out at home before getting to practice.

The second session will be practical and consists of a guided outdoor path to be carried out with geocaching, map, compass and natural orientation. The routes will be organized on secondary paths and trails: a walk of 2.5 hours is expected, even on stairways and difference in altitude of maximum 500 m.

min 4 – max 16 participants

  • Video lessons
  • Map and compass to be used during the practical outdoor session
  • Appropriate outdoor clothing
  • Trekking shoes
  • Cellphone
  • Water
  • Snacks
  • Orientation
  • The sun, compass, gps
  • Space, time and factors that affect them
  • Let’s look at the globe
  • The movements of the earth and the apparent motion of the sun
  • The compass
  • Datum and Projections
  • Read a map
  • Azimuth of a point and Position
  • Cell phone, GPS and your cell phone’s magnetometer

At the end of the video lessons, simple theoretical-practical exercises will be left to do before getting to practice.

Guided outdoor path to be carried out with geocaching, map and compass and natural orientation.

The routes will be organized on secondary paths and trails.

It is expected to walk 2.5 hours even on stairs and maximum height differences of 500 m.

Come arrivare The meeting point is to be agreed when the itinerary is defined.
 Call Center: +39 3343290804
€ 45 € 36

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