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Top 3 things to do in Santa Margherita Ligure

Things to do (and see) Santa Margherita Ligure: here is my top 3.

“Capital” of the Park of Portofino and an international tourist mecca, Santa Margherita Ligure represents a place where you can enjoy nature, culture and great food.

In this short article you will find my very personal, insider suggestions for enjoying this special paradise to the max (we also talk about it here: “What to see in Portofino: 10 places not to be missed“)



Santa Margherita Ligure: where is it?

Italy, Eastern Ligurian Riviera, on the Eastern side of the Portofino Promontory, otherwise known as one of the most beautiful places in the world. Located about 1km from Portofino, 10 km from Camogli, 30 km from Genoa and 70 km from the Cinque Terre, it is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious places to base yourself when visiting this area.


mappa Liguria Portofino Cinque terre Genova


Santa Margherita Ligure: where to park?

From how I see it, there’s only one solution: don’t park at all. Santa Margherita Ligure is super easy to reach by train. There are direct trains both to and from all the main Northern Italian cities. Once you arrive, you can then easily move around by bike, on foot or by using sea-going transportation.


Santa Margherita Ligure, what to see – 1: the Park

Portofino Park and its dense network of trails are – together with its relative Protected Marine Area – the most precious and valuable resource that this territory holds. To be able to reach extraordinary places like Nozarego, the Gave Chapel or the Niasca Hermitage (managed by some fantastic people!) by crossing olive groves, holm oak woods and Mediterranean scrub, enjoying extraordinary panoramas overlooking steep cliffs above the sea, on trails that are both well-kept and well-signposted, is an enormous privilege (to be conserved).


Nature’s green with the blue of the sea – Paraggi


“Santa”, what to see – 2 the Sea

And the beaches of course, but that’s not all. Do you really want to experience the best of this area? I’ll share a secret with you: think of the beaches as a starting point and not an end-point.  At Niasca (one of the 15 most beautiful beaches of all Italy) we have turned this concept into our mission. We have created a sort of “space-time vortex” where you can truly enter in contact with the sea: this portal to paradise is called Outdoor Portofino.

But there isn’t just Niasca and here is a list of the most beautiful beaches in the area:



Santa Margherita Ligure, what to see 3 – : the Historical Centre

Alleyways, known as “Caruggi”, walkways, fisherman’s dwellings, anchored trawlers, risseu (“typical pebble mosaics found often on church pavis and in the gardens of the villas and palaces in Liguria” source: Wikipedia).The historical centre of Santa Margherita Ligure offers all of this and much more. Villa Durazzo is particularly interesting: it has an Italian park garden, a 17th century villa immersed in harmonious nature and the very best view over Santa.

After spending the day exploring nature surrounded by the rich biodiversity of its park and/or its Protected Marine Areas, Santa Margherita Ligure’s historical centre and little port are perfect places in which to relax and, why not, enjoy a well-deserved aperitif… (and if it is seafood based, do make sure that its a sustainable catch).


Author: Luca Tixi, sea & outdoor coach// professional kayaker// Marine Biologist // President of Outdoor Portofino



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