Piero Sambuceti

Welcoming and rental

Who am I

I was born and raised in Chile. Since I was a child I have always practiced sports and this gave me the opportunity to travel to different places, especially when I was still in school. When I grew up I started taking longer and longer trips and my desire and curiosity to discover the world began to increase. With the reopening of borders after the Covid pandemia, I decided it was time to start traveling again and I decided to attend my university studies in Italy. My family has origins in this country. When I arrived in Italy I fell in love with Liguria. I got to discover some amazing places, good food and some very nice people. Last year I did my civil service: one of the most important experiences of my life! I got to know the culture and I realized how important volunteering can be in trying to help the other. Now I’m starting a new experience here at Outdoor Portofino following all my passions and trying to learn how important it is to generate awareness about environmental conservation.


“I have always practiced sports, since i was a child”

A chat with Piero

Year of birth


Joined OP


How did you join OP?

I got to know Outdoor Portofino while looking on my social media; I saw a post about the Kayak activity and when I started looking for more information about the company and the activities they were carrying out, I saw that these had as a general objective the awareness on the environment preservation. I was so interested that I decided I wanted to be part of the team!

What do you do in OP?

Welcoming and rental

Your greatest passions?

Traveling, sport, learning, voulunteering, cooking

Your favourite place in Liguria?

Levanto: it’s a small version of Genova with several green areas

Three favourite dishes in your kitchen?

Empanadas, grilled meet, curanto.

Three values that best represent you?

Passion for adventure, motivation, cheerfulness

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