Sarasvati Clausi

Swimming Instructor

Who am I

I was born and raised in Liguria, between the countryside and the sea, together with my large family, in a dimension keen to travel and a sustainable lifestyle.
My path and my passions have origins precisely from the awareness that I have growed living in a context full of motivations and suggestions.
After the artistic studies in highschool I spent several years exploring Southeast Asia: India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand, Laos .. Each piece of land, in its complexity, has enriched my life with emotions, stories, smells, different flavors, people and cultures. I find that the direct experience of the world is the most fascinating and toughest university that exists and I am willing to continue my studies in this direction..😉

My working process has always linked me to the water element: first as a lifeguard assistant for renowned accommodation facilities on the Ligurian Riviera and later as a swimming instructor. The swimming pool is my second sea: the beauty of its biodiversity consists in the infinite possibilities for personal and emotional growth that the sports environment offers. Following some very special and touching lessons with “special” children, I felt the need to deepen my knowledge by specializing in teaching swimming for people with intellectual-relational and physical-sensorial disabilities. Milan was my springboard thanks to the many training experiences as a trainee and volunteer at very well-equipped and organized swimming pools, from the rehabilitation center dedicated to the myelolese of Niguarda to the Polisportiva Milanese, for which I have a particular affection.
In my conscious wandering between the sports and education sectors I worked in a fantastic team as an educator, lifeguard and swimming instructor for a summer camp on the outskirts of Genoa. In this workplace, having made difficult journeys with groups of “difficult” kids, hours by bus and train in the heat of a summer city, I learned how beautiful and exciting it is to overcome difficulties together, supporting each other among colleagues.


“My path and my passions have origins precisely from the awareness that I have growed living in a context full of motivations and suggestions.”

A chat with Sarasvati

Year of birth


Joined OP


How did you join OP?

… And now here I am! At the gates of OP ready to immerse myself in another adventure. How did I get there? Following the flow of this magical element that leads me to travel and explore human potential. Outdoor Portofino is the ring that closes the circle: sport, nature, education … there are all the elements to dream of great things!

What do you do in OP?

Swimming Instructor

  • Swimming Instructor FIN and FISDIR, Lifeguard
Your greatest passions?

I love the sea for its beauty and its energy.
I love sports (especially outdoor activities, especially open water swimming and trail running).
And I love travel, as an introspective way to get to know yourself and the world.

Your favourite place in Liguria?

Punta Chiappa in summer with mask and snorkel, on spring and autumn days and on cold and stormy ones.

Three favourite dishes in your kitchen?

I am vegetarian for ethical and environmental reasons and I like simple cuisine, not very elaborate and seasoned. I try to consume seasonal products and km0 (in my case from my garden to the table) and to have a varied diet.
I love soups (top one is the pumpkin soup). Dishes of Indian cuisine: in particular the thali which is composed of a rice, a legume, a mix of cooked vegetables, a raw vegetable, chapati (typical Indian bread), and a small dessert. My favorite dessert is the apple pie !!

Three values that best represent you?

Respect for every living being, determination to reach a goal, consistency with what my heart suggests to me.

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