Our mission

We are a Business made up of passionate professionals of the sea and the outdoors, committed to promote: education, experiences, emotions, research and communication projects related to the local area, the environment and its sports, with the overall aim to prompt a change towards a better future for us and our Planet.

Outdoor Portofino started in 2013 by the idea of the four founding members – Luca, Sara, Alessandra and Angelo – with the goal to spread their passion for nature, sport and the surrounding territory, bringing into play their skills and focusing on continuous training.

Born and raised in the Park of Portofino, the four partners since childhood are approached individually by their families to an active lifestyle and in contact with nature.

Our Values

Here at Outdoor Portofino we believe firmly in the values of Belonging, Innovation and Passion. These are our hallmarks that allow us to be instantly recognizable and distinguishable!


To belong is a fundamental need of the human being; it is crucial for a person’s wellbeing. We believe in aggregation and in getting people involved: if we don’t actively take part and don’t interact with the context, it is harder for us to feel that sense of belonging. If we don’t create connections with others, it’s very likely that we won’t feel like we are part of a group. The more that people feel like they belong to a place or social group, the more that they experience the sensation of the significance of life.


We love the creativity that allows us to grow and look far ahead, the courage to jump the gun in order to excel and ensure that we maintain the quality of our products at record levels.


We instil irrepressible commitment, genius, creativity, engagement and collaboration in every experience, project, research and activity that we do.

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