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Sport. Nature. Education.

These are the three values on which the project is based.

Outdoor Portofino is a company promoting sport, active tourism and environmental education activities related to the Marine Protected Area and Park of Portofino and Cinque Terre and other natural and cultural heritage areas of Liguria.

The project is driven by a sustainability perspective, with special attention to biodiversity and the enhancement of the traditional activities, of the local cultures, of eco-tourism and the fruition of socially sensitive categories.

Our mission is to raise people’s awareness to an active, conscious and sustainable lifestyle in nature, and make sure that everyone can get to this result. This is why we place great emphasis on activities with children, creating awareness projects, and with people with disabilities, because no one can be excluded from this philosophy.

Outdoor Portofino welcomes any kind of sportsmen: tourist, passionate or beginner. Our goal is to make sports accessible to everyone and spread a culture of environmental respect and knowledge of nature and of the surrounding area.

We have the hope and the illusion of being able to change something. To succeed, thanks to the strain in education we bring along daily, in spreading the ability to live in a more responsible way. We want to give our contribution in safeguarding the planet, reducing environmental impact, and educating people to an increasingly “outdoor” lifestyle. Many are the projects aimed to continuously develop this “mission”, all going in one direction: to be a drop of water in the sea of revolution that must lead to a drastic change in the lifestyle of men in order to live in harmony with the earth ecosystem.

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