We want to be a drop of water in the sea of revolution that must lead to a drastic change in human lifestyle in order to live in harmony with the earth’s ecosystem.

Nature is our work environment: it is our primary goal to safeguard it and make those around us aware protecting it!

Sustainability is one of the values on which we base the project, trying to keep this focus on environmental protection in every step of our work. From the management processes to education, from the purchased products to sponsorships, our “green” spirit always prevails as much as possible and is in continuous development, improving and optimizing every little aspect.

It is understood that our products and all our proposals are sustainable: the means we use – kayaks, paddle boards, bikes -, in fact, have a low environmental impact! Furthermore, in all our activities, whether at sea or on land, the education component is always present: either our speaker is an adult or a child, we always pass on the value and importance of respect for the nature and the environment trying to plant a seed in people’s consciousness.

We are also committed in developing environmental education projects in the area and with local realities. For example, the MPA Clean Up project, initially limited to the OP Team, but from 2019 also accessible to the public, consists in days of waste collecting along the coast and the seabed of the marine protected area of Portofino. These cleaning and waste collection actions are always carried out with maximum safety using low environmental impact means.

We address great attention to kids activities with the aim of growing awareness in the young generations for an active, sustainable and in contact with nature lifestyle. We pass on the passion for nature and the territory creating experiences and emotions.

In particular, the Nature School is an occasion to have fun while discovering the sea, the beauty of staying outdoors and in contact with nature. During the week of summer camp kids are involved in kayaking and paddle boarding lessons and excursions, snorkeling and marine biology, environmental education activities, orienteering and much more! We also organize marine biology labs “Impariamo il Mare”, school field trips and projects during the school year.

Sustainability is also an important aspect that we demand from the suppliers we address to. In fact, on the occasion of some proposed activities which include refreshments served from external suppliers, we require an important packaging reduction and, where possible, the use of biodegradable and ecological materials. For many years, it has been our official supplier Usobio, a Bergamo based company of biodegradable and compostable single-use products, entirely derived from compostable resources.

Also for sponsorships we pay a lot of attention to sustainability: we have started important collaborations with local companies to support the local economy and at the same time have an almost km0 supply. For example, Slam, Cressi and Exo Kayak are three great Genoese and Ligurian brands that have been investing and supporting Outdoor Portofino for several years.

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